Chahatt Khanna faces double trouble

Chahatt Khanna recently experienced two scary experiences that involved flight and a cab ride.

According to a media report, the actress was in Delhi for an event. After it concluded, she took a cab to the Delhi Airport, and mid-way, the driver stopped the cab to request Chahatt for a selfie. She urged him to hurry up, but he refused to budge, so she threatened him by saying that she would call the cops and also reached out to her friend.

It’s only then that the driver dropped her to the airport.

If this wasn’t enough, Chahatt’s troubles increased after boarding her flight. When the plane was in the runway, suddenly, the brakes were applied at a tremendous force due to which the oxygen masks got down. This brought in a panicky situation as everyone started praying for their safety. Chahatt too was scared to bits, but thankfully, after a bit of a struggle, the plane came to a halt and all the passengers were safely escorted to board another flight.

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