Kurti Apa blames Arzoo for being pregnant with Zaki’s child. Reporter says she is blamed for the mistake which she has not done. Kurti Apa says girls in old times get scared to go near their husbands but this girl is pregnant before marriage. She calls her characterless. Reporter says she accused her to be pregnant with Zaki’s child. Arzoo gets shocked and teary eyed.

Anam blames her too. Zaki says I am also feeling guilty. When I was getting better, my past returned. Kurti blames Arzoo while Sahir listens to her silently. Arzoo says I am expecting Sahir to protect me, but he is silent.

Reporter says why Arzoo isn’t saying anything. Sahir says it is not right. Arzoo says I promised Zaki that I will be silent and not say anything to anyone. Reporter says this accusation is wrong. Sahir is not understanding and he should know that his Arzoo is sacred. Keep reading.

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