I am emotionally attached with Nazar: Simran Budharup

Simran Budharup is going to miss Nazar very badly. The young actress who was playing the role of Saavi in Nazar has an emotional journey with the first season which ended recently. Speaking of which she says, “I started Nazar on my birthday! Back then I didn’t know anyone from this set and no one knew me. After one year, on my birthday Niyati Fatnani and Sumit Kaul sir gifted me two lovely things. Sumit Sir got a reflective bag for me as he knows I love these kinds of stuff and Niyati took me to a store with her to buy me a gift. It was a very emotional moment for me because it makes me feel that we are not just co-actors but more like a family. When I got to know that Sreejita De is finishing her track. I got a bit emotional. We have shared a really good bond and even shared the room in the initial days. I am really happy for her — she got a new show. But I did not want her to leave.”

Speaking about her challenges in Nazar, Simran says,”I think for me every day was a challenge. Most of my scenes were with Sumit Kaul and Aamir S Khan. They are such good actors that every day I used to be nervous. But there was one scene where I had to act blind when Saavi loses vision due to some chemical reaction. There were a few episodes where I had to be blind throughout the episode. That was really challenging as I did not know how to go about it. But Aamir and Sumit Sir helped me and guided me throughout — how to give expressions, how to use the eyes and so on. It was really helpful. I have already started missing Nazar badly. This show has definitely put me in an interesting phase of my career. Will cherish this experience forever.”

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