Punjabi cinema will always be my first priority: Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana is one of the most good looking actresses we can boast of.

While she was already famous in Punjab, she became an overnight sensation to Hindi television viewing masses with her stint in Bigg Boss 13. It is here that her marriage was called off after Asim showed how much he liked her and Asim and Himanshi have been together since then. The two look extremely good as a couple and taking advantage of their popularity, production houses have churned out music videos around them.

In conversation with a media portal, Himanshi spoke at length about the attack on Asim and that he is recovering. She also mentioned that he is shooting despite being in pain because of work commitment. She mentioned that she has done work in Hindi and Punjabi cinema and will continue doing work in both spaces however, the Punjabi cinema is where she started off from and gained fame. She said that Punjabi cinema will always be her first priority.

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