Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham plays…….Reporter says a big twist is shown as Dilsaad meets Sunehri/ Seher. Seher comes to know that Dilshaad is her grand mother and Sanam is her sister. Reporter says it was an emotional union.

Seher and Dilshaad hug and cries. Dilshaad says it was a mixed reaction. Sanam says it was emotional and sentimental. Dilshaad says it was a tragic moment and an emotional scene. Sanam says she doesn’t know that she has a family so it is hard to believe.

Reporter says we couldn’t understand how can Dilshaad look so young and pretty with show white beauty. Sanam compliments Dilshaad’s beauty. Reporter says it is clear that the show will have some happy moments.

Sanam says Sunehri will take revenge from Tanveer. Reporter says Sunehri comes to know that Dilshaad is her badi Ammi and Sanam is her sister. So wait for a big twist. Keep reading.

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