Rishina Kandhari as Imarti Kothari in Aye Mere Humsafar is very chulbuli and nakhre-wali

Tell us about your role in Aye Mere Humsafar?

Imarti Kothari as a character is very chulbuli, very nakhre-wali and she thinks that if she gets the keys of the house she can rule it better. She feels that she has the sharpest brains as compared to others in the house. Also, she’s very peppy and creates a lively atmosphere in the house. Her arguments with her sister in law Divya Kothari keeps the audience entertained at all times.

What makes the show different from other shows?

Aye Mere Humsafar which airs on Dangal channel is not a typical saas-bahu drama. It is a very different subject which we are working on which makes it different than regular daily soaps.

What made you say a yes to this show?

It is said that what you are destined to, you end up doing it. So, this show was destined for me. Earlier I had said no to this show because it involved a lot of hard work character wise. It is a totally different genre with a different dialect, language and character look for me. It felt like too much of hard work for me. However, the producers persuaded me to take it up as a challenge and that I should do something out of my comfort zone. So, after a lot of thinking and discussion with the writers, director and the producer I said yes for the show.

Tell us about your bonding with the co-actors?

Bonding with all my co-actors is very good. I have worked with some of them in the past. Neelu ji is very close to me. She is also teaching me the Rajasthani dialect so my bonding with her is on a different level. I have done 2 shows with Vaishnavi ji and know her well. I have also known Namish for six years now. Though I have not worked with some other co-actors before, gradually our bond will grow stronger as days pass by.

Do you follow a fitness regime?

I do pranayam and a little bit of yoga and weight lifting. Otherwise, when gyms were functional, I use to workout regularly.

How did you spend your time in the lockdown?

During lockdown, I was busy volunteering with Punya Karma foundation serving food to under privileged and daily wage workers. We had a small kitchen set up where we use to cook food for almost 800 people a day. During the entire lockdown, we served almost 2 lakh people. Lockdown for me for pretty much busy because, unlike others, I was not sitting at home and cribbing about the scenario, rather I was out there trying my best to help others.

How does it feel to be shooting after a long break due to the lockdown?

I am very happy that we have started shooting again. I feel blessed to be back on set while some are yet sitting at home. We are the blessed ones to be shooting and working. It is a little scary being on the set. Keeping the Covid-19 situation in mind, there is a threat in the mind but still some day or the other, we have to bring life back to normal and I am glad we have started doing it. It feels good to be back.

Has the pandemic taught you anything?

Pandemic has taught me ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ for sure.

How has your journey in the industry been so far?

By god’s grace my journey has been a blessing. I have loved each and every role that I have portrayed on small and big screen. As an actor, I am thankful to god that he chose me to become an actor because destiny has a lot to play in it and I am glad that I am an actor and I love my job.

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