This is what Hina Khan has to say about Shivangi Joshi

Time and again, actresses are compared in order to get more traction, and these posts often make it to social media and gain the attention of the stars they are directed at. The latest actress to have spoken up about it is Hina Khan. A portal went on to draw comparisons between Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actresses Hina and Shivangi Joshi, and this idea did not go down very well with her. In fact, this is not the first time that Hina has called out a portal for doing this.

Hina went on to slam the sheer thought of it and wrote, “This is a sickness! I know u can’t grow positivity, happiness, equalities or even a pair!! At least grow a Conscience! U report divide! U propagate divide! U belittle with comparisons for likes n retweets. Shame is what you deserve, even in these times when we’re in an aftershock! Why? Why? Most of ur posts r to put someone down eventually through comparisons. It’s not at all competitiveness, bcoz we’re happy where we r n will be glad if u report truth n appreciate our achievements irrespective of our paths. This is for all alike! N everyone who’s reading!”

The actress also ensured to say some kind words for Shivangi and also mentioned how this shouldn’t happen anymore and one must stand up. She wrote, “Shivangi is a very good actor and we must encourage and appreciate craft over petty nonsense. Everyone has their own paths. Plz stop this culture of indirect Hate! Let us all take a lesson from everything happening around. #NoMore #WeAreAllEqual #StandUpNow #PeaceOut.”

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