Natik comes downstairs on his birthday night but no one isn’t there to wish him and celebrate for him. Naksh is bugged and upset. Natik comes and wishes him and Akshara comes with a cake. Then whole family comes to celebrate with him. Natik cuts the cake and makes everyone eat it. Natik hugs him as he was angry with Naksh a few hours later. Naksh collects gifts from everyone.

Off screen: Natik says I was mad at him. He was angry and I wasn’t talking to him. But then I brought him downstairs and we cut the cake. This made him happy. Karishma had planned all this Naksh’s birthday. We didn’t want to celebrate it this way but we had to agree in the end. He will go on a day out with his friends. Karishma says I have planned so much for his birthday. He is going to have a lot of fun.

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